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ver.indd 1 12/1/1 ver.indd 1 12/1/1 ver.indd 1 12/1/1 ver.indd 1 12/1/1 WHAT'S NEW mizuno mp-18 variety spiCes up your Game a throwback of sorts to Mizuno's earlier lines of mus- clebacks, the MP-18 is sure to excite Mizuno enthusiasts looking to put the precision of blades in their bags. As an added bonus, there are three additional versions – each with more forgiveness – that allow golfers options when building their set. The MP-18 SC (split cavity) is slightly more forgiving than the MP- 18, and the MP-18 MMC (multi-metal construction) is even more so. The MP-18 MMC FLI-HI is available in 2-6 irons and fea- tures a lower sweet spot, lower spin rates and Tour-like trajectory. "From the blade all the way to the MMC models, they really flow, so you can play combo sets," said Kevin Shimada, a Mizuno tech rep at the Roger Dunn Santa Ana Su- perstore. "If a golfer wants control with their shorter clubs, they can play the blade and transition to one of the more forgiving models as they get to the longer clubs. The FLI-HI clubs are perfect transitions. We're seeing a lot of com- binations as people want to customize their set." Shimada said all the clubs in the MP-18 line have stuck to the traditional at- tributes that make players keep coming back to Mizuno – feel and accuracy. "Since Mizuno clubs are known for feel, that's what almost all Mizuno cus- tomers are looking for," he said. "They're nice and soft, offer consistent yardages and give you consistent ball flight. Mizuno has a very loyal following, and this line has been one of the best in a long time." > CliCk here to shop now. t he GBB Epic line was an instant success when it launched in January 2017, and now comes the Epic Star line – an ultrapremium product with a limited run. Already wildly popular in Japan, the Epic Star line features lightweight drivers, fair- way woods, hybrids and irons (as well as women's versions of each club) de- signed to add speed and power for players with slower swing speeds. While the clubs aren't cheap – the drivers sell for $699 – Vince Mojica, the manager at The Golfers' Warehouse in Braintree, Mass., said they're worth every penny to those who have put them in their bags. "If you've got a slower club head speed, the driver can add 20 yards to your distance," Mojica said. "So the golfer who doesn't swing as fast as he used to and has lost 30-40 yards off his drives, you give him this club and cost isn't much of a factor. "It's so light and so flexible that you don't need to overpower the club with your hands or come over the top. You can just swing naturally and the club is going to get the ball in the air, create that draw spin and add distance. It's like autocorrect for your golf swing." > CliCk here to shop now. Callaway Gbb epiC star a new star rises in the epiC line video extra! Sir Nick Faldo on the soul of Mizuno.

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