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YOUR GAME ver.indd 1 12/1/1 ver.indd 1 12/1/1 ver.indd 1 12/1/1 ver.indd 1 12/1/1 fit for the tee How to make sure you're playing the right ball f or the driven golfer, everything needs to fit just right: clubs, glove, hat, slacks, spikes and all. Don't leave the golf ball off your list. With a simple session on a launch monitor, the in- creasingly popular process of getting fit for the proper ball is seeing a steady slew of players finding new ways to shave strokes. "A lot of consumers don't know what they're looking for in a golf ball," says Ted Shandi, store manager at Van's Golf Shop in Camelback, Ariz. "We'll put them on the launch mon- itor and while they hit some shots, we'll get information on how long they hit their driver and mid-irons. We then ask about any dif- ficulty getting the ball airborne, and if they like a softer or firmer ball around the putting surface in order to find the perfect match." Fitting from tee-to-green, the majority of players are seeking enhanced distance. However, getting fit for the correct ball involves review of clubhead speed, ball spin, and launch angle to assess if a client should be playing a harder or softer-style ball. "In the past, a lot of customers may have overlooked golf ball fitting, thinking that they may not hit the ball well enough or control the ball enough for it to matter for fi

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