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W HAT'S HOT! Cleveland golf smart sole 3 wedges Champions of the short game i f the short game is your bugaboo, the Cleveland Golf Smart Sole 3 wedges may be just the antidote you're looking for. Like the previous version, Cleveland offers a sand wedge and chipping wedge in the third iteration of the Smart Sole line, but the latest models feature a new, three-tiered sole design that's optimized for smooth turf interaction. The soles are designed for maximum forgiveness around the greens, espe- cially for players with inconsistent swings. Cleveland's Feel Balancing Technology moves the center of gravity closer to the center of the club face, resulting in better feel, more consistent performance and tighter shot dispersion. "The wider sole is good for people who struggle to hit a pitch or chip shot solidly," said John Huerta, manager of The Golf Mart in Albuquerque. "It gives them more mar- gin for error, so they can mis-hit it and still get the ball up in the air and close to where they're trying to hit it. They're easy to hit out of the rough, and the sand wedge is amazing for players who have a hard time getting out of bunkers." shop here. A CLEVER IDEA lamkin flat Cat grips sweeten your putting stroke w hen it comes to putting, there are countless theories on the best way to get the ball in the hole. But most golf professionals will tell you if you're not square to the target, nothing else matters. That's where Lamkin's Flat Cat grips can make such a huge difference. The putter grip of choice for PGA Tour star Justin Rose, Flat Cat offers five different sizes suited to any size hands and feel preference. The new Flat Cat Solution adds a stainless steel-weighted cone below the hands, helping smooth the stroke for players prone to the yips. "We sell a lot of Flat Cat grips," said Brent Wootton, a PGA professional and salesperson at Uinta Golf of Sandy, Utah. "They definitely stabilize your wrists so they're not so 'flippy.' A lot of people seem to like the smaller ones, because they provide that same stability in the putting stroke but offer a little more feel. It's probably one of our top-selling putter grips." shop here. The Lamkin Flat Cat putter grip is available in a variety of sizes. Cleveland's new wedges allow for maximum forgiveness. ver.indd 1 12/1/1 ver.indd 1 12/1/1 ver.indd 1 12/1/1 ver.indd 1 12/1/1

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