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father's day Gift Guide 9 divine Gift ideas Just for dad C hances are your dad was one of your first golf partners, and maybe the per- son who introduced you to the game. If you're lucky, you still play a regular round with pops. Given all that he has given you when it comes to golf – not to mention all the other parental chores he has dutifully per- formed over the years – it seems appropriate when shopping for the perfect Father's Day gift to seek out the best in golf equipment, apparel and accessories. While a dozen balls or a new golf shirt might be obvious choices, Josh Tully, the Ecommerce Manager for Worldwide Golf Shops, offered some other unique suggestions for a memorable Father's Day. Most of the products are available at your local World- wide Golf Shops retailers, but Tully pointed out that the company's website has the widest variety, including some items that may not be carried in every store. ver.indd 1 12/1/1 ver.indd 1 12/1/1 ver.indd 1 12/1/1 ver.indd 1 12/1/1 GOL F GEAR teChnoloGy brinG musiC to dad's ears Technology becomes more and more ubiquitous in our daily lives, and the golf course is no exception. Golfers have bene- fited greatly from improvements in GPS units and rangefinders, not to the mention launch monitors that measure every aspect of one's swing and have made game im- provement so much more accessible to the average player. If pops perhaps enjoys a few tunes to accompany his round, Worldwide Golf Shops offers a selection of portable bluetooth cart speakers. "The extreme 18 speakers have been pretty popular – they're durable and water resistant, and feature up to 15 hours of play time. Plus they fit easily into a golf cart cup holder or can be clipped onto your bag," Tully said. shop here. travel aCCessories built for the road warrior Planning a golf buddies trip with dad? If you and your dad want to have the best experience, you'll eschew rental cubs in favor of bringing your own sets along for the jour- ney. And of course you'll want to protect them so they're in great shape when you arrive at your destination. There are plenty of options for travel bags and travel covers, from hard-sided to heavily padded and those with wheels to lightweight cases for easy carrying through airports. The op- tions have improved greatly in the last handful of years, with a focus on protection, durability and ease of use. "ogio has some really great travel bags on the mar- ket right now," Tully said. shop here.

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