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ver.indd 1 12/1/1 ver.indd 1 12/1/1 ver.indd 1 12/1/1 ver.indd 1 12/1/1 WHAT'S NEW C allaway's unveiling of the Big Bertha driver in 1991 sent re- verberations through the golf industry that are still being felt today. Over the years, new souped-up ver- sions of the club have kept it among the most popular in the game. The latest iteration – the Great Big Bertha Epic and Great Big Bertha Epic Sub Zero drivers – only add to its il- lustrious history. Both the Epic and Epic Sub Zero drivers are outfitted with the com- pany's new Jailbreak ball speed tech- nology, which creates an innovative working relationship between the face, crown and sole to promote faster ball speed across more of the face. That translates into more distance. "Callaway is calling its new Great Big Bertha 'Epic' because its new Jail- break Technology is an epic deviation from driver technologies of the golf industry's past," said Rowdy Bank, Store Manager at The Golf Mart of San Diego. "The difference comes from two ultra light, ultra strong bars that connect the sole to the crown, just behind the face of the driver. This strengthens the head, reducing body flex, optimizing face flex, and increas- ing ball speed all across the face. The club feels and sounds much more solid and instills confidence that golfers need to hit the ball farther and straighter." The club head is the lightest crown of any Callaway driver on the market (9.7 grams), and the club's adjustable perimeter weighting technology al- lows players to quickly and easily ad- just it to fit their swing. The biggest difference between the two models is that the Epic Driver is geared toward shot-shaping control, while the Sub Zero driver features in- terchangeable weights that help cre- ate higher and lower ball flights. Whichever one you prefer, these are the most powerful weapons in Callaway's formidable arsenal. shop here. wedge play mack daddy forged crisp & clean d esigned by Roger Cleveland, the new ultra premium Mack Daddy wedge from Callaway deliv- ers the ultimate in satisfying feel and re- sponse. With an appealing new shape and forged from soft 1025c steel, the club is less offset with a straighter leading edge, mean- ing it looks like it can deliver. More importantly, it does deliver. "The design promotes crisp contact and commanding control," said Nate McDo- nough, Marketing and Purchasing Assistant for Worldwide Golf Shops. "The 16-groove configuration on the face promotes high spin as well as added stopping power, par- ticularly on pitches and chip shots." Meanwhile, the sole provides versatility for all kinds of turf and control is further augmented by center-of-gravity position- ing, in which the CG gradually moves up- ward as the loft of the wedge increases. shop here. < watch! 5 things you should know about the callaway epic callaway great big bertha 2 new drivers are 'epic' creations

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