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MY BEST GOLF FASHION ADVICE You do not need a "golf uniform." Let's face it, a bunch of guys on the tour look like they are wearing some kind of golf uniform – if they were to show up at a bar or in the grocery store or most everyday places they would look goofy. I look at golf as being social and recreational, get some fresh air and exercise and hang out and have a few laughs maybe a cold one after the round. "Golf lifestyle" clothing is transitional, meaning you may go from a business meeting to the course or from the course to dinner so there doesn't need to be a big difference in what you're wearing. – John Ashworth John Ashworth INSIDER Q&A of "Links" is the sandy dunes where golf was born that connects the land and sea. The definition of "Soul" is the spiritual embodiment of a human being. In a selfish sense, we design and make clothing that we and our friends want to wear. And at the same time we promote the art and soul of all things. ••• how does linksoul differ from your orig- inal Ashworth brand? Everything's differ- ent, it might not seem like it at first but then when I start thinking about specific things like fabrics, fit, details, the market place and the technologies now versus then it starts getting crazy. I suppose there are similarities; the passion and energy put in is pretty similar, the desire to ele- vate and promote the game of golf is simi- lar. But let's face it, in 1986 there were no cell phones or computers. I have no idea how we did it! ••• how would you describe the look of linksoul to those unfamiliar with the brand? It's a lifestyle brand centered around golf, art, travel and coastal living. The look is relaxed and comfortable with a sophisticated timeless quality that can be dressed up or down depending on the oc- casion. We use the finest fabrics that are soft yet sturdy and easy to care for, our fit is a tweener, meaning not to tight and not too loose – just right. ••• which of your products are most popu- lar with consumers and who comprises your target market? We've been consistent across the board really, if a guy is "in" then he's all in. The Linksoul collection features knit polos, shorts, boardshorts, pants, woven shirts, t-shirts, loungewear, activewear and men's accessories. ••• what's next for linksoul? We're always working on new things and innovations and were excited about a few things in the works. One is a shoe collaboration with a new company called Blueprint Comfort, which will be two limited-edition styles debuting in Orlando at the PGA Show for delivery in spring. And I know this may sound crazy but were always trying to get back to the "soul" of the game and we are working on some limited-edition persim- mon woods that are really sweet! Linksoul on display.

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