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TRAINING AIDS THE GREAT INDOORS When the weather keeps you off the course, there are plenty of indoor training products to help keep your game sharp A s the familiar holiday song goes, "the weather outside is frightful," but Frank Sinatra surely wouldn't have let that stand in the way of keeping his golf swing in tune. Despite the dwin- dling daylight hours and colder tempera- tures in many parts of the country this time of year, you don't have to give up your golf game in winter. Fortunately there are plenty of products available to help keep your game sharp indoors. PERSONAL LAUNCH MONITORS If you're serious about improving your game, investing in a launch monitor is a no-brainer, and you can't go wrong with the Rapsodo Golf MLM2PRO Mobile Launch Monitor + Golf Simulator. Designed using radar technology and machine learning, the portable unit provides pro-level data so golfers can analyze their swing with metrics like distance, ball speed, smash factor with data visualization, club gapping, shot dispersion and more. Other top options include Voice Caddie, Garmin and Swing Caddie, as well as a number of pre- mium launch monitors that offer enhanced capa- bilities along with a higher price tag. SHOP HERE PUTTING MATS Legendary Green Bay Packers football coach Vince Lombardi is known for saying "Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect prac- tice makes perfect." And thus the Perfect Practice brand of putting matts are an ideal fit for working on perhaps the most important part of your game. Roll this out in your living room while watching Sunday football, and you'll see the results when it comes time to drain those downhill eight-foot- ers with a match on the line. SHOP HERE HITTING NETS AND MATS If you're looking to build a fully-equipped indoor training area in your home or garage, you'll need to add a hitting net and mat to your setup. For nets, you can't go wrong with the offerings from Pure2Improve or the GoSports Golf Practice Hitting Net. There are a num- ber of different sizes and styles available, including solid options from World of Golf Deluxe and Callaway. Key factors are choosing the right size for your indoor space and focusing on quality and durability. When it comes to hitting surfaces, the GoSports 5x4 PRO Golf Practice Hitting Mat, Callaway's Strike Zone and the Pure2Improve Dual Turn Hitting Mat are all worthy of consideration. And being able to hit from both fairway-length turf as well as rough may just make a difference when you get back outdoors. SHOP HERE

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