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Rancho Del Sol Insider - January-February 2022

Rancho del Sol Golf Club in Moreno Valley

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THE COURSE I n most golfer satisfaction surveys, having great greens to putt always ranks No. 1. Welcome to Rancho Del Sol, where day in and day out the putting surfaces are exceptional. What makes the greens at Rancho Del Sol so consistently good? According to Operations Manager Clint McCrory, the foundation is simple: "They are bent grass and they roll very true." Indeed, not only does bent grass yield the velvety texture that golfers prefer, but their thin blades provide less resistance than other grasses and so allow for a smoother, purer roll. That's why putting on the greens at Rancho Del Sol is a pleasure, not a penance. "They're classic style," says McCrory. "They do not have a lot of distinct levels, but they do have a lot of subtle undula- tions. There are not many flat or straight putts here." Adding to the pleasure is that the greens are invariably fast, running in the 10.5-to-11 range on the Stimpmeter. However, whether you're playing at Augusta National or Rancho Del Sol, quick greens often pose perplexing put- ting puzzles. To help you successfully navigate those speedy putts, McCrory has a few helpful tips… > To start, hit some warm-up putts before the round so you'll be accustomed to the pace. > Remember to play more break on the greens than usual. > On short, fast putts, increase the pace of the putt to reduce the amount of break. > For long putts, pick an intermediate spot short of the hole as your target. > To improve touch and feel, employ a thinner grip, choke down a bit on the putter and lighten your grip pressure. Tightly squeezing the club makes it more difficult to keep the club on line. > Last, but never least – practice, practice, practice! ROLL MODELS What makes our greens so good and how you can master them > C L I C K H E R E TO B O O K T E E T I M E S On long putts at Rancho Del Sol, aim for an intermediate target.

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